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Candidate Search

  • Candidate search allows an unlimited amount of searches in our database of over 2.8 million candidates.
  • You can conduct searches according to any criteria you select, specifying in detail the profile of your desired candidate.
  • You have the option to send a message to the candidate that will be delivered directly to his or her private e-mail box!

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  • Tell us who you are searching for, and we will find the right person for you!
  • Within 7 days you will receive a list of candidates selected from the GoldenLine database – results of a recruitment project for a specific job.
  • All you have to do is contact the candidates, that is send messages via the candidate search engine.

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Job Ads

  • Choose the emission time, publication area, features, number of positions and manage your advertisement however and whenever you want.
  • Publish your offer in the standard or graphic layout. Optionally choose the Transparent Job Offer and state the remuneration in order to reach the right target group.
  • Enjoy the application guarantee: if during the offer’s emission you receive no CV, we will put your advertisement right back up.

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Jobile – Comprehensive Recruitment Service

  • Service that supports recruiters in winning the best candidates on the market.
  • We reach both passive and active candidates.
  • Experienced HR Researchers pinpoint the best suited candidates, select them and provide you with high-quality applications.
  • Upon completion of the process you receive full information on all candidates, including those who refrained from applying.

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Employer’s Profile

  • Present key information on your Company, all in one place: employment terms, work atmosphere, ongoing recruitment projects and steps of the recruitment process
  • Foster your Company’s good image
  • Limit the distance between the employer through direct contact with the recruiter
  • Receive reliable opinions of former and current employees
  • Enjoy full access to online statistical data on your Profile

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Custom-Made Offer

You have unique recruitment needs and would prefer to design your products from scratch? Contact us. Together we will figure out what offer would suit you best!

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The price list including all recruitment services is available below:

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